Who We Are

Since 1991, GEX is a single source provider of a complete range of dosimetry products and services for the radiation processing industry. We serve the complete spectrum of gamma, e-beam, and x-ray radiation process applications, such as medical device sterilization, surface decontamination, the curing of inks and coatings, and food irradiation.

What Makes Our Customers Successful

We prefer to work with our customers on all aspects of dosimetry: from defining requirements, to implementation, to calibration, and maintenance. All dosimetry solutions are dependent upon a customer’s particular application and the unique processing environment. A successful dosimetry program involves the correct selection, implementation, and management of a comprehensive dose measurement system.

Our mission today is to keep improving: our products, standardization, competencies, and most importantly the customer experience. Our mission begins with personal relationships and education and we truly love what we do!

Our Method: How GEX Provides Dosimetry Solutions

We follow a systematic process:

  • Step 1: Determine requirements – Asking the right questions to help you determine your specific application requirements. Download our Requirements form PDF
  • Step 2: Selection - Information to help you select and compare systems
  • Step 3: Purchase - Ensure that you get what you need, when you need it
  • Step 4: Install – Understand the important steps when installing a system
  • Step 5: Calibration - Develop a calibration method specific to the application needs
  • Step 6: Use – Customer support and training
  • Step 7: Maintenance – Understanding how to maintain and what to expect from your system
Our Commitment to Customer Satisfaction

Mission Statement 
GEX Corporation is dedicated to providing the highest quality dosimetry-related products and unparralleled customer service for the radiation processing industry worldwide.

Customer Support
GEX expert technical support is always available to our customers, at every step of the process.

GEX offers hands-on dosimetry workshops, and we can assist you in finding other training and learning opportunities within the industry, such as IMRP, ASTM, Riso, and other industry-related conferences.

Talk to a GEX expert today, or learn more directly through the website:

Our Commitment to Standards-Driven Solutions

GEX uses a standards-driven approach to dosimetry. We believe following internationally recognized standards and methods ensures that the radiation dose measurements are accurate and appropriate for our customer’s applications, and accepted by regulators.

We are knowledgeable about the various ISO and ASTM standards related to dosimetry, and this information can help you select a solution that fulfills your specific requirements.

Our Commitment to the Dosimetry Industry

We are committed to keeping current with the trends and advancements in the dosimetry. We actively participate in the groups, meetings and events that influence the industry.

GEX is a member of the ASTM Committee E61, Radiation Processing: Dosimetry and Applications. GEX also provides technical contributions in the writing of ASTM standards on dosimetry.

Why Dosimetry is Important

Dosimetry is the science of measuring the radiation dose used in gamma, e-beam, and x-ray radiation processing applications, such as medical device sterilization and food irradiation. Along with other quality controls, dosimetry helps assure that medical devices are sterile, that food is safe for consumers, and manufactured products meet quality expectations.

History of GEX

Our history is rooted in the medical device manufacturing and sterilization industry. For more than 20 years, GEX founder and CEO Gary Pageau worked in the medical device industry. He developed and managed facilities using gamma irradiation and was a pioneer in the use of high-energy electron beam irradiation for contract sterilization of medical devices.

In 1991, Mr. Pageau decided to start a company that specialized in dosimetry for the industrial radiation process market, providing complete and standardized solutions that could be easily integrated into a company’s manufacturing process. His goal was to provide high-quality products combined with the expertise and support necessary to manage successful dosimetry programs. He named the company GEX, an acronym for Gamma, E-beam, and X-ray.

Instead of just selling dosimeters, GEX created an integrated, off-the-shelf system, complete with dosimeters, instruments and software that all worked together and was more economical overall. This “complete solution” approach made dosimetry simpler, faster, and more cost-effective. Dosimeters were barcoded to allow for easy identification and allowing for inclusion in electronic records, and to ensure absolute traceability. User-specific, pre-formatted dosimetry reports became standard with the system software as a way to simplify the process and eliminate errors.

Working with Arne Miller of Risø High Dose Reference Laboratory (now part of the Danish Technical University), GEX brought a new radiochromic dosimeter to the marketplace - the B3 WINdose dosimeter. The B3 was developed as a next-generation dosimeter, ideal for a variety of applications and radiation modalities. With stability and accuracy, the B3 has proven itself to be the most versatile dosimeter for the industrial radiation processing market. Since then we developed the B3 DoseStix which is our largest selling product because it is easy to handle and can be measured in half the time compared to the B3 WINdose.

The same measurement system can be used to measure other dosimeters. The popularity of the B3 WINdose dosimetry system continues to increase every year. Since 2004, more than 70% of all dosimetry systems installed worldwide are GEX systems. Our mission today is to keep improving: our products, standardization, competencies, and most importantly the customer experience. Our mission begins with personal relationships and education and we truly love what we do!