What Can GEX Do For You ?

Medical Device Sterilization and Surface Sterilization

Since 1991, GEX has developed dosimetry systems that are ideal for the medical device and surface sterilization market. Our experts are trusted in the industry, and we serve many large medical device and contract sterilization facilities worldwide. Our B3 radiochromic dosimeters and the B3 WINdose Dosimetry System are durable, easy to use, and deliver quality dose measurement results with a high level of predictability and reliability.

Converting From One Dosimetry System to Another

Sometimes changing existing methods or implementing new processes can be more challenging than learning a new technology. Often change is not embraced by personnel. However, change is often necessary to meet current and future requirements and objectives. GEX was built on implementing change - in fact, our first customer was converted from an older system to a B3 radiochromic film dosimetry system. 

Customer experience: GEX converted a facility with 2 gamma irradiators, helping them to implement a new and efficient dosimetry system. We also implemented customized software for the integration of custom instruments. This included parts specification, design, and custom fabrication. We also reduced dosimeter usage and improved the overall uncertainty and quality of the dosimetry at the facility.

Companies with Little or No Experience

GEX has helped dozens of companies implement dosimetry systems at facilities with no previous dosimetry experience. We can help you build a dosimetry program from the ground up. GEX makes it simple! We provide everything from eqiupment, to dosimeters, to calibration services, to training. We are knowledgeable and experienced in the industry and take pride in helping our customers be successful.

Customer experience: GEX specified and delivered dosimetry systems for a 10 MeV E-Beam for a medical device sterilization application for a company that had no prior experience in operation of such a facility. This included an on-site dosimetry training seminar, introduction of qualified contractors to aide in facility validation, and follow-up training.

Large Manufacturing Companies - Reducing Costs and Improving Efficiency

Whether it's implementing dosimetry systems to replace or complement existing product testing, or taking existing dosimetry process and improving the speed, measurement uncertainty and costs, GEX has the prior experience to help our customers solve the challenges they face today.

Customer experience: We worked with a large manufacturing company to establish film dosimetry capabilities for process monitoring of gamma and electron beam processes used for crosslinking specialized materials reducing the amount of costly product testing that was traditionally used to monitor the resulting product.

Food Irradiation and Phytosanitation

GEX understands the growing market and needs in food irradiation applications. We keep current with industry standards and practices involved in the ever growing and changing world of food irradiation.

Customer experience: We worked with a gamma irradiator to implement a new dosimetry system to allow for a seasonal fruit irradiation for phytosanitization in addition to the normal process which was sterilizing medical devices.

Gamma, E-beam and X-ray Irradiation Source Suppliers

GEX works with source suppliers to help implement dosimetry systems and processes at the appropriate point during source installation. Working as a team, the end-user, the source supplier, and GEX can help ensure a smooth project implementation.

Customer experience: In addition to providing the dosimetry system and ensuring installation and training were complete at the proper time before source installation, GEX staff wrote the procedures for the end-user in a specialized pharmaceutical application.

Unique Customer Requirements

GEX provides dosimetry solutions for the full spectrum of industrial processes, quality assurance and research. We enjoy the challenges demanded by unique or new technolgies. Our staff can work with customers on everything from education and training, to providing technical resources, to providing recommendations on what other vendors around the world may offer.

Customer experience: GEX helped a radiation source supplier to determine the necessary equipment for the quality assurance and research and development activities that they wanted to conduct. We designed calibration requirements to allow accurate measurement of doses over a wide range of electron beam energies.

Customer experience: We worked with a unique beverage packaging application to develop the calibration method for a multi-beam in-line beverage packaging operation.