DoseControl® Dosimetry System

Powerful Dosimetry System Designed to Meet the Needs of Radiation Processing Applications

The DoseControl® dosimetry system integrates a powerful 21CFR Part 11 conforming dosimetry software with a Thermo Scientific spectrophotometer, controlling the measurement process and making it simple to create and maintain dosimetry records. This system is a versatile solution for industrial routine dosimetry applications, and can accommodate several different types of dosimeters, such as B3, FWT, and PMMA.

About the Dosimetry System Hardware:


Thermo Scientific Evolution 220 Spectrophotometer
barcode scan

Above: System records dosimeter barcode and absorbance simultaneously.


  • For B3, FWT, and PMMA (such as Harwell Red and Amber Perspex) dosimeters.
  • Internal barcode reader for B3 DoseStix -simultaneously obtains optical absorbance while reading the barcode.
  • Internal laser micrometer for PMMA dosimeters - simultaneously obtains absorbance of the dosimeter while measuring thickness.
  • Easily change dosimeter holders (no tools necessary) with specially-designed holder system.
  • Xenon lamp lifetime guaranteed for 3 years contnuous use (typical is 5 years).
  • Sealed optical bench: No dust or particulates can get into the optics.
  • Automated performance verification with validated Thermo Scientific tools in accordance with GxP, NIST, NPL; to US or to EU Pharmacopeia.
  • Enclosed light tube - no need to close lid during readings.
  • Fully integrates with DoseControl software.
Thermo Scientific Genesys 30 Spectrophotometer


  • For B3 and FWT dosimeters.
  • Enclosed light tube - no need to close lid during readings.
  • External barcode reader.
  • Halogen lamp lifetime 1000 hours.
  • Performance verfication with Thermo Scientific Standards.
  • Fully integrates with DoseControl software.
  • Next-generation spectrophotometer to the Genesys 20.
About the DoseControl® Dosimetry System Software:


  • Provides user access and permissions control via local admin
    or LDAP with active directory.
  • Verification of spectrophotometer serial number, wavelength, and spectral bandwidth with each measurement to match dosimeter batch calibration configuration.
  • Manages and controls the measurement process flow in
    accordance with user-determined practices including rereads.
  • Version control of dosimetry measurement reports (print,
    export data).
  • 21 CFR part 11 compliant.
  • Administration of irradiation pathways, dosimeter batches,
    spectrophotometer fleet, laser micrometers, and dosimetry system calibrations.
  • Integrates with customer’s enterprise databases (optional) to
    pull data into dosimetry reports (e.g. dose specifications) or push data back.


  • Automatic selection of batch calibration curve for each report based on user input or stored data (configurable).
  • Uniformity in measurement results – Every measurement follows the same process, as defined by your software administrator.
  • Eliminates user error by controlling workflow and eliminating decisions.
  • Verifiable electronic audit trail – who did what, when, and why.
  • Data security managed by corporate IT policies.
  • Easy to use with a modern user interface in Windows®.

DoseControl® is available the following configurations:

System Type Description
Basic System Basic system to output paper reports, designed 21 CFR compliant
Premier System Stand-alone database storage solution, designed 21 CFR compliant
Enterprise System Integrated database solution, designed 21 CFR compliant

For more details, please view the documents listed below. For questions and quotations, please contact Mike Pageau at or +1 303.400.9640.

DoseControl® System Product Documents

Document #

100-365 DoseControl® Dosimetry System Overview - Brochure (PDF)

DoseControl® Software Overview - Brochure (PDF)

100-267 Implementation Guide for the DoseControl® Dosimetry System - Technical Information Report - (PDF)
100-266 DoseControl® Software User Guide - Technical Information Report (PDF)