Dos'ASAP CTA Dosimetry System

Simple and Fast CTA Dosimetry
GEX Dos'ASAP CTA Dosimetry System - GEX Dosimeters, Dosimetry Systems, and Radiation Indicators.

CTA film dosimeters are used for measuring radiation dose used in industrial processes such as medical device sterilization, surface sterilization, crosslinking and curing of inks and coatings, and food irradiation. CTA is used for gamma, electron beam, or X-ray applications that require a dose range from 10-300 kGy.

What is Dos’ASAP?
Fast, precise, and perfect for routine use in industrial irradiation processing applications, Dos’ASAP is a complete dosimetry system for CTA dosimetry. The Dos’ASAP system comes with a specially designed spectrophotometer and integrated software, along with complete installation and training. Dos’ASAP is fully tested and validated and meets all requirements according to FDA 21CFR part 11, ISO 11137, ISO/ASTM 51650, 51261 and 51649 dosimetry standards.

What’s included in a Dos’ASAP dosimetry system?
GEX Dos'ASAP CTA Dosimetery System - GEX Dosimeters, Dosimetry Systems, and Radiation Indicators.
  • Dos’ASAP spectrophotometer – integrates with Aer'ODE software.
  • Aer’ODE Dosimetry Software – Aer’ODE software is validated and meets all quality assurance requirements according to FDA 21 CFR part 11, ISO, EN, ISO/ASTM.
Benefits of the Dos'ASAP Dosimetry System

Easy-to-Use Dos’ASAP Spectrophotometer

  • Precise measurements: the Dos’ASAP provides consistent high quality readings
  • Small footprint: uses a very small amount of space in the laboratory

Quality Dosimetry Software

  • Aer’ODE has been on the market for 20 years and is a respected software for dosimetry, used worldwide.
  • The Aer’ODE dosimetry software integrates with the spectrophotometer as well as your plant’s network.
  • Controls dosimetry equipment (settings of equipment’s parameters, readings, storage of data, DBase, SQL, Excel,...)
  • Performs dosimetry system calibration, single or strip measurements, graphics, profiles, process validations (loading pattern, plans definition, report edition...)
  • Performs equipment verifications (absorbance, wavelength, thickness) needed to certify the absorbed dose measurements
  • Customizable to client specific requirements
  • Meets all quality assurance requirements according to FDA 21 CFR part 11, ISO, EN, ISO/ASTM.

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List of Components
Number Product     Details

Dos'ASAP CTA spectrophotometer

DosASAP Spectrophotometer for CTA readings, Ethernet cable, Power supply, Transport case. Country of origin : France; Warranty : 12 months ; 110-240 V 50-60 Hz;
  Aer'ODE Dosimetry Software Aer'ODE dosimetry Software Version 6.0 (calibration, electron beam and gamma dose profiles, electron beam energy, electron beam scan width, electron beam scan length, …). Version 6.0 is validated according to FDA CFR 21 Part 11, ISO 11137, EN 552, ASTM … guidance or standards.

CTA Film Dosimeter

Roll of strip dosimeter film