Aer’EDE Alanine EPR
Dosimetry System

GEX partners with Aérial Centre de Resources Technologiques of France to provide a solution for alanine EPR dosimetry. Aer’EDE is a complete alanine-EPR dosimetry system for routine dosimetry in industrial irradiation facilities, or for use as an in-house alanine reference dosimetry system. The Aer’EDE alanine system is third-validated validated for compliance with FDA 21 CFR part 11, ISO, EN, and ISO/ASTM standards on dosimetry.

Alanine-EPR dosimetry is suitable for use as a routine dosimetry system for gamma, electron beam, or X-ray applications that require a dose range from <10 Gy to 150 kGy. The Aer'EDE system can be used as a alanine reference dosimetry system from <10 Gy to greater than 100 kGy. Alanine pellet dosimeters are not used for personnel monitoring, radiation safety, or nuclear power industries.

The Aer’EDE Alanine-EPR dosimetry solution is ideal for low dose applications, such as food irradiation.

About the Aer'EDE Alanine EPR Dosimetry System
GEX Alanine EPR System Aerial - GEX Dosimeters, Dosimetry Systems, and Radiation Indicators.

About the system:

  • Uses Aérial alanine pellets or blister packs
  • Includes complete dosimetry system:
    • Magnettech spectrometer – MS 5000
    • Aerial Aer’EDE dosimetry software
    • A complete set of standard operating instructions
    • Integrates into your facility or plant network
  • On-site installation and training certification
  • Lifetime support

About the Aer’EDE Dosimetry Software:

  • Integrated and automated with spectometer.
  • Validated FDA 21 CFR Part 11, ISO 11137 compliant database software
  • Controls the spectrometer
  • Performs dosimetry system calibration, process validations (loading pattern, report edition)
  • Can be developed and customized according to specific industry needs

Aer'EDE System Brochure> download PDF

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About Alanine Dosimeters
GEX Alanine EPR dosimetry Aerial - GEX Dosimeters, Dosimetry Systems, and Radiation Indicators.
The AerEDE Alanine EPR dosimetry system uses alanine pellets manufactured by Aérial:

Routine use:

  • Single pellet packaged in crush-resistant plastic tube (with or without barcodes). Product brochure> download PDF

Reference dosimetry:

  • Single bare pellets

For more information about alanine dosimeters:

Benefits of the Aer'EDE System
GEX Alanine EPR dosimetry Aerial - GEX Dosimeters, Dosimetry Systems, and Radiation Indicators.
  • Highest quality measurements: the Magnettech EPR instrument provides a stronger measurement response signal than any other bench-top EPR spectrometer on the market today, with higher measurement sensitivity.
  • Cuts measurement time in half: The Aer’EDE system reduces measurement times in half, from 40 seconds with other competitive systems down to 20 seconds or less.
  • Reliability: the new spectrometer uses a solid-state technology, to provide a more rugged industrial instrument for higher reliability with fewer breakdowns and interruptions and reduced maintenance costs.
  • Flexibility: Accommodates a wide variety of commercially available alanine dosimeters with specialized holders.
  • Pre-validated dosimetry software: 21 CFR Par 11 compliant and can fully integrate with the user’s database system. Open interface for customization and enterprise solutions.

Knowledgeable customer support provided by Aérial:

  • On-site training and certification
  • Standard operating procedures – installation, validation, maintenance and operations
  • Personalized customer service and lifetime support
About Aérial
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Aérial Centre de Resources Technologiques of France is an independent partner of GEX and is highly respected in the dosimetry industry. We recommend several of their products and systems for various irradiation applications.

The Aer'EDE EPR dosimetry systems are sold, installed, and maintained by Aérial personnel.

For more information about the Aer'EDE and other Aérial systems:

List of Components
GEX Product Number Product Name Details
Aer'EDE Alanine EPR Dosimetry System:
  Magnettech spectrometer

MS 5000; other models available

  Aer’EDE dosimetry software

Includes on-site installation, training and on-going support

  Dosimeter holder options Aerial alanine bare pellet holder; Aerial alanine blister pack holder
ALANINE DOSIMETERS AVAILABLE: Go to Alanine Dosimeters product page> click here
A1001 Alanine pellet in crush resistant tube Manufactured by Aérial
A1001B Alanine pellet in crush resistant tube, barcoded Manufactured by Aérial
A1000 Alanine individual pellets Manufactured by Aérial