...   GEX Total Quality assurance
GEX Dosimeters, Dosimetry Systems, and Radiation Indicators.

Our Quality Policy:

"GEX staff and management are committed to the continual improvement of all quality processes to provide products and services designed to fulfill customer requirements."

We maintain a zero defect goal in the manufacture and distribution of our products. If defects or problems are discovered by our customers, we truly need to hear about them. We rely on our staff and also our customers to report problems when they arise. Please contact our Customer Service staff by phone (303.400.9640) or email to report any kind of problem or dissatisfaction with our products or services.

Customer Service will forward a copy of your complaint to our Quality Assurance Manager who will follow up with you personally.

GEX maintains an ISO 9001:2015 compliant Quality System.


- Download a copy of our current ISO 9001 Certificate of Registration.
- Download a copy of our Quality Manual.