General information

GEX can prepay and add shipping costs to the invoice, or we are happy to ship on a customer’s UPS, FedEx, DHL or TNT account. Third Party billing is accepted but must be arranged with GEX Customer Service. Freight forwarding companies can also be utilized, but these must be arranged with Customer Service at time of order. Customers must provide a complete shipping address, including postal code, telephone number, contact name and email.

  • Dosimeters and temperature indicators must be shipped by express Air Freight to remain under the GEX Warranty.
  • Customer may choose an alternate shipping method, however, the GEX Warranty will not cover dosimeter and temperature indicator items shipped by means other than express air freight.
  • All dosimeters are shipped with temperature monitoring included.
Domestic Shipping
GEX will ship using UPS or FedEx services. Delivery times will depend on the products ordered as well as the shipping service selected.
International Shipping

All customs fees, duties, and taxes are the responsibility of the receiver. Unless specified at time of order, GEX will utilize either EXW or FCA Incoterms for international shipments.

GEX will not utilize any Incoterms that requires GEX to pay for any customs fees, duties, or taxes (i.e., DDP) unless this is arranged by negiation with GEX Customer Service when the order is placed.

Shipping FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

How are GEX products packaged for shipping?
All GEX packages are securely packaged in small parcel packaging. We do not utilize pallets, containers, or LTL.

How are products shipped?
Dosimeter and Temperature Indicator products are shipped via express air freight. All other items usually ship via ground service (where possible) unless a specific service is requested by the customer.

Why does GEX use express Air Freight for shipping?
Dosimeter and Temperature Indicator products are temperature sensitive, and express delivery is the best way to avoid high temperatures encountered during shipping.

How do I find tariff codes?
Please contact Customer Service for a list of tariff codes.