Irreversible Temperature Indicators
Irreversible Temperature Indicators - GEX Dosimeters, Dosimetry Systems, and Radiation Indicators.
GEX Temperature Indicators are used for high-dose gamma, electron beam, X-ray and UV radiation process applications, such as medical device sterilization.

The Temperature Indicator display a permanent, non-reversible color change that clearly shows the highest temperature reached. Simply attach the Indicator label to the product or dosimeter to be monitored - it's that easy.

The temperature range is 27.5°C to 65.0°C (81.5°F to 149.0°F)

The Indicator provides a highly accurate (±1.0°C) temperature measurement, and provides incremental temperature points from 27.5°C to 65.0°C (in 2.5°C increments). A permanant supertack adhesive keeps the Indicator flat against the surface, providing the necessary thermal contact needed for the chemicals in the label to react and register the precise temperature reading.

Irreversible Temperature Indicator Product Spec Sheet PDF