B3 Radiochromic

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B3 Radiochromic Dosimeters
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Our proprietary B3 radiochromic film dosimeter is a superior product choice for most applications and offer a dose range from <1.0 kGy to >150 kGy.
Some Advantages of B3 Radiochromic Dosimeters

Superior measurement precision and accuracy. B3 film thickness uniformity results in significantly lower dose measurement variability.

Stability. B3 dosimeters are stable before irradiation and after irradiation when a heat treatment is applied.

Usability.  B3 dosimeters are thin enough for use in all radiation processing application, highly flexible, and can be placed directly on products and readily conform to irregular surface geometries. 

Easy to Measure. Simply read the film with a spectrophotometer. No need to measure the individual thickness of B3 dosimeters because of the consistent uniformity of the B3 film that is certified to the user.