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Document #Product Name Product Number(s)
100-101B3 Radiochromic Film Dosimeters - B3 WINdose Dosimeters B3000/B3001/B3002
100-101 B3 Radiochromic Film Dosimeters - B3 DoseStix Dosimeters B3001DS
100-102 Energy Wedge Card Array (B3WINdose Radiochromic Film Dosimeter Array for Risø Wedge) B3110/B3112
100-103 10 inch Uniformity Measurement Strip ( B3 WINdose Radiochromic Film Dosimeters Array) B3106
100-104 100 - 300 keV Energy Measurement Stack ( B3Windose Radiochromic Film Dosimeters) B3200
100-105 50 - 100 keV Energy Measurement Stack (B3Windose Radiochromic Film Dosimeters) B3202
100-106DoseStix Dosimeter Holder (for WINdose-Gen20 System) P4506
100-107 Gamma Calibration Phantom P1010/1011
100-108Electron Beam Calibration Phantom P1020/1030
100-109Irreversible Temperature Indicators P8003
100-112 RS232 Interlink Cable with USB adapter (for WINdose-Gen20 System) P4130
100-113 Spectrophotometer Calibration Standard Set with NIST traceability certificate P4220
100-114 Tungsten-Halogen Lamp (for Genesys 20 spectrophotometer) P4140
100-115 CCD Barcode Reader Attachment (for WINdose-Gen20 System) P4201
100-116 WINdose Dosimeter Holder (for WINdose-Gen20 System) P4502
100-117 Heat Treatment Incubator System with Timer P4800
100-118 PENvac Dosimeter Handling Tool P8005
100-119 Risø 2 Aluminum Energy Measurement Wedge P4701
100-121 Risø Calorimeter: Polystyrene 5 MeV (3.0 - 40 kGy) B6001/6002/6004
100-122B3 film - sheets and strips B3100/3102/3103
100-123 Micro-Incubator Heat Treatment System with Timer P4900
100-124 Radiation Indicators: Yellow to purple color change, reaction begins at 3 kGy P8100
100-125 Digital Thermometer (for use with P4900) P4901
100-126 T-Type Thermocouple B3 Probe (for use with P4900 and P4901) P4902
100-127Genesys 20 Spectrophotometer P4120
100-128Reference DoseStix Dosimeter Holder (for WINdose-Gen20 System) P4508
100-135Cuvette Covers for Genesys 20 (for WINdose-Gen20 System) P4602/4606
100-141GEX Calibration Service and Audit Package S1101/1102
100-142 P4850 Heat Treatment Incubator P4850
100-146 Radiation Indicators: Yellow to red color change, reaction begins at 10 kGy P8200
100-153 WINdose for Excel 2002 Dosimetry Software Program S5100-2002
100-156 Thermo Scientific Evolution 220 spectrophotometer P4300
100-159 Base plate with beam tubes (for DoseControl-Evo 220 System) P4330
100-159 B3 DoseStix dosimeter holder (for DoseControl-Evo 220 System) P4332
100-159 B3 WINdose/FWT dosimeter holder (for DoseControl-Evo 220 System) P4334
100-159 PMMA dosimeter holder - Red/Amber Perspex (for DoseControl-Evo 220 System) P4336
100-164 Metralight MX-2 Laser micrometer and Gauge Blocks (for DoseControl-Evo 220 System) P4350/4335
100-166 MS-2 Barcode Scanner (for DoseControl-Evo 220 System) P4360
100-167 Genesys 30 Spectrophotometer P4400
100-168 Genesys 30 Dosimeter Holder System P4405/ P4410/P4420
Document # TitleDateAuthor
Post-Irradiation Heat Treatment of B3 Dosimeter Products Aug. 12, 2016GEX Team
Dosimetry System CalibrationNov. 6, 2008GEX Team
High Energy Electron Beam Energy DeterminationAug. 1, 2007GEX Team
B3 Radiochromic Film DosimetrySept. 1, 2010GEX Team
Dosimetry for Low Energy Electron BeamNov. 10, 2008GEX Team
Analysis of Dosimeter CalibrationAug. 3, 2007GEX Team
Developing and Using Uncertainty StatementsJan. 3, 2007GEX Team
Genesys 20 - General Practices and InformationFeb. 3, 2015GEX Team
100-211Calibration of Dosimetry Systems Used in
Low Energy Electron Irradiation 
Oct. 8, 2008GEX Team
100-212 Justification for Spectronic Standards Wavelength Accuracy Test Feb. 12, 2009 GEX Team
100-213 Low Energy Electron Beam (80-300 keV) - Options for Traceable Dosimetry System Calibration April 20, 2011 GEX Team
100-215 Dosimeter Batch Calibration Curve Fit Analysis Jan 31, 2017 GEX Team
100-216 Interpreting Tektronix Gage Blocks Thickness Certificates June 30, 2017 GEX Team
100-217 Transfer Alanine Study Sept. 1, 2017 GEX Team


Document #Revision LevelWINdose Procedure Name
100-250 ( PDF)CUV Control and Monitoring
100-251 (PDF)CInstruments and Personnel Characterization
100-252 (MS EXCEL)BInstruments and Personnel Characterization Form
100-253 (PDF)BDosimetry Lab Requirements
100-254 (PDF) FGenesys 20 Calibration and Maintenance
100-255 (PDF)CWindose for Excel Verification
100-256 (PDF) DDosimeter Stock Receiving Inspection
100-257 (MS EXCEL) DDosimeter Stock Receiving Inspection Form
100-258 (PDF)DMeasuring GEX Dosimeters
100-259 (PDF)DInvestigation of Dosimeter Measurements
100-260 (PDF)CEbeam Energy Estimation Using the Risø Wedge
100-261 (PDF)CEbeam Process Uniformity Measurement
100-262 (MS EXCEL) DGenesys 20 Calibration Verification Form
100-263 (PDF)CPerforming a Dosimeter Batch Calibration
100-266 (PDF) F User Guide for DoseControl Software
100-267 (PDF) B Implementation Guide for the DoseControl Dosimetry System