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GEX Laboratory: Transfer Alanine Doses Traceable to NIST

GEX Laboratory can provide customers with certified traceable national standard transfer alanine dosimeter doses for a 0.5 kGy to 80 kGy dose range, traceable to NIST (or NPL). Doses provided by GEX Laboratory can be used to calibrate both reference and routine dosimetry systems, as well as establishing a certified traceable dose rates used to characterize radiation fields produced by gamma ray, X-ray or electron beam sources.

Description and sample of report provided to customer.

GEX is an international standards laboratory accredited by NVLAP to ISO/IEC 17025:2005 for calibrations and dose measurements for ionizing radiation for high-dose dosimetry in the range 0.5kGy to 80 kGy.

NVLAP Lab Code: 600080-0

Effective dates: 2016/02/08 through 2017/03/31

Accreditation documents:

Or visit NIST website and type in NVLAP Lab Code 600080-0 into search.>


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